Abhinavv Sahai



About Us

His Beginning

Abhinavv is one of the most loved and versatile DJs and Producers in the EDM and House Music scene. He dropped out of Engineering college to pursue his passion and went on to complete his course in Electronic Music Production from the world class SAE institute. There hasn't been any looking back since then. With over a decade of experience, he brings every party to life, and every eye to twinkle! 


With over 40K followers on instagram, and over 100K views of his Calvin Klein Remix Youtube, his work speaks volumes of itself on every social platform. His new singles 'Skylar' and "Aliens' is already buzzing in night clubs and is a top favorite among other DJs.


A lot of world class and famous musicians, singers, Djs and celebrities have always shown their support and appreciation for Abhinavv's work.. The major ones being Tara McDonald, Jessica Sutta, Juicy M, FTampa, DJ DaCandy, Peace Treaty, Merk & Kremont to name a few.